Google Art Transfer

by Bohdan Iakymets at

Recently, Google launched a very interesting new feature for its Art & Culture application - Art Transfer, which will allow you to transform  a photo into one of the proposed the style.

You can find many styles inspired by masterpieces of famous artists, from Leonardo da Vinci to Frida Kahlo.  In addition, to make it more fun to wait for the transformation, the application will introduce you to an interesting fact about the selected work.

Application link:

Now let's compare the results of Art Transfer with the older neural network to understand how much progress is being made.  You can see the image from Art Transfer on the left and from fast-neural-style on the right (

It can be stated that the results of Art Transfer are smoother and better integrate style into the image.  Although in some cases they are still not very different from the first example.  In general, neural networks are evolving at a shocking rate, and the comparison confirms this again.  In a few years, it may not be possible to distinguish a photo with a layered style from a work that was created with a brush.

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