7 museums worth visiting during quarantine

by Bohdan Iakymets at

Now museums and galleries around the world have closed their doors to art lovers, but that doesn't mean there are no ways to visit them. And no, we do not encourage you to commit illegal or illegal acts. We present to your attention an up-to-date list of world museums that allow you to enjoy your collections without leaving home.

Pergamon Altar, Pergamon Museum, Berlin

We will start with the National Museum of Arts named after Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko, which has in its possession the most significant collection of foreign art in Ukraine:

The Uffizi Gallery, located in Florence, has one of the largest and most significant collections of European fine art:

Also, do not forget about one of the largest museums in the world - the Louvre:

One of the Louvre galleries

A virtual tour of the entire museum, including the enchanting area around the house, is offered by the house-museum of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo in Mexico City:

The Sao Paulo Museum of Art is considered one of the most famous and important museums in Latin America:

Some museums offer online tours through the Google Arts & Culture web app, such as the British Museum, which is also considered one of the largest in the world:

Or the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. His collection includes truly monumental buildings, such as, for example, the Pergamon Altar:

We hope you enjoyed our small selection of art, and the time in quarantine will allow you to realize all your artistic plans.

Till next time! =)

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